Book Launch for Dasamuka by Junaedi Setiyono


The Consul General of Indonesia for San Francisco, Bapak Ardi Hermawan, and his family, along with Bapak Hanggiro Setiabudi, Consul of Economic Affairs, and Bapak F. Bernard Loesi, Consul for Information and Socio-Cultural Affairs, honored us with their presence at the launch of Dasamuka, our ninth book.

Sylvia Tiwon, professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies at UC Berkeley; Virginia Shih, librarian of the SOEA Library at UC Berkeley; and George Anwar, lecturer at the Dept. of Engineering at UC Berkeley, were among the thirty guests.



Book Description

Willem Kappers, seorang sarjana Skotlandia, ditugaskan untuk menyelidiki artinya bronjong di Pulau Jawa yang pada tahun 1811 direbut oleh kerajaan Inggris dari kekuasan Belanda.

Residen Yogjakarta menugaskan Willem untuk menyelidiki cara hidup orang Jawa di Kasultanan Yogjakarta di bawah pemerintah Sultan Hamengkubuwono IV. Tugas ini melibatkan Willem dalam kecurangan penduduk kesultanan dan memperkenalkannya dengan Dasamuka, seorang priyayi yang cerdas.

Dasamuka menyertakan Willem dalam kerusuhan orang kecil menghadapi penindasan penjajah Inggris dan Belanda maupun kepongahan dan kesewenang-wenangan keraton.

Pada tahun 1816 Belanda kembali dan Willem merasa tidak nyaman berada di Kasultanan. Namun, dia masih ingin membantu gerakan bawah tanah yang dipimpin Pangeran Diponegoro II.

Sesudah meninggalnya Sultan Hamengkubuwono IV, keadaan di Kasultanan makin rusuh. Willem pulang ke Edinburgh awal bulan Maret, 1824.


Product Detail

  • Price: Rp.90.000.00
  • Paperback: 290 pages
  • Publisher: Penerbit Ombak
  • Language: Indonesian
  • ISBN: 978-6-0225843-2-2
  • Product dimensions: 8 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches
  • Shipping weight: 1 lb




Selamatan for Dasamuka


Saturday, May 20, 2017, was a happy day for Dalang Publishing. After a year of hard work, the time had arrived to welcome our new title, Maya Denisa Saputra’s English language translation of Dasamuka by Junaedi Setiyono.

The Selamatan was held at the Highlands Recreation Center in San Mateo, California. We were honored by the presence of Bapak Hanggiro Setiabudi, Bapak F. Bernard Loesi, and Ibu Riena Sarjono, all from the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco. Among the other guests were Sylvia Tiwon, professor of South and Southeast Asian Studies at University of California, Berkeley; Virginia Shih, librarian of the SOEA Library at UC Berkeley; and Cynthia Rider, librarian of the Main Burlingame Public Library in Burlingame, California.

A Selamatan is a traditional Javanese dinner that is held to welcome anything new, as well as to give thanks to and ask the blessings from anyone who had anything to do with bringing about the new entity.

It is customary to serve nasi tumpeng – a yellow cone-shaped rice dish symbolic of a mountain of fortune (hence the gold color) along with side dishes that represent the bounty of the land, the sea, the skies, and creations by man. It is an ancient Indonesian belief that Gods reside on top of the mountain, and it is customary to serve the top of the cone /tumpeng to the guest of honor.

On behalf of Bapak Ardi Hermawan, the Consul General of the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco, Bapak Hanggiro Setiabudi offered the opening remarks at the Selamatan, during which he acknowledged and praised Dalang’s efforts to bring Indonesian literature to America.

Ibu Lian then presented him with copies of the original and English language translation of Dasamuka.

Endorsements from academia in Indonesia as well as the United States can be found on the book’s back cover and in its title section of the Our Books page of Dalang’s website,


After Ibu Lian presented the tumpeng to Pak Hanggiro, everyone enjoyed the traditional Indonesian dinner of yellow coconut rice, spicy beef stew, tumeric spiced fried chicken, shrimp and eggs with chili sauce, spiced fried tempe and dried fish, and a mixed-vegetable and shredded coconut salad. Hot tea, Kue Pepe (sweet rice cake), and Lapis Surabaya (Indonesian layered pound cake) were offered for dessert. Keroncong music was played in the background during the dinner.



A PowerPoint presentation with visuals of historical figures and local settings mentioned in Dasamuka, followed by a short reading from the English translation by Ibu Lian, ended the Selamatan.


2017 Association for Asian American Studies Conference


April 13–15, 2017, at Portland, Oregon.

Dalang Publishing, along with 18 other publishers, was an exhibitor at the AAAS Conference. The conference theme was “At the Crossroads of Care and Giving.”

We were very lucky to be placed between Duke University Press and Johns Hopkins University Press, as we drew a lot of interest from visitors to these well-known presses.

Among those who showed interest in our titles were researchers and professors of Southeast Asian studies and many librarians. The book sales generated by the conference were pleasing.

Aside from being an exhibitor, we also attended the conference to support Asri Saraswati, a lecturer at Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, who is currently a doctorate student from the State University of New York at Buffalo. One of the topics in Asri’s presentation was “How does Indonesia’s colonial and post-colonial politics of race coincide with the Asian American experience?” Unfortunately, there were only three Indonesians attending the conference. Yet, based on the questions and conversation at Asri’s presentation and the visitors to our booth, we feel that there’s a great interest in Indonesia.



Entrepreneur Club’s Business Innovation Showcase Day


IMG_6427 IMG_6430

March 10, 2017, at Foothill College in Mountain View, California.

Thanks to the efforts of Indonesian students in charge of the event, Dalang Publishing was offered a table to display its titles. Tegishtha Andhika Iman Soewarno, Aleisha Fiona Nurfirman, and Cindy Tjuarsa’s interest in our work and support of our mission is commendable.

Without the collaboration of the young men and women who are the future of our nation, it would be extremely difficult to achieve our goal of honoring our country by introducing Indonesian literature to the Western World.