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2017 Association for Asian American Studies Conference


April 13–15, 2017, at Portland, Oregon.

Dalang Publishing, along with 18 other publishers, was an exhibitor at the AAAS Conference. The conference theme was “At the Crossroads of Care and Giving.”

We were very lucky to be placed between Duke University Press and Johns Hopkins University Press, as we drew a lot of interest from visitors to these well-known presses.

Among those who showed interest in our titles were researchers and professors of Southeast Asian studies and many librarians. The book sales generated by the conference were pleasing.

Aside from being an exhibitor, we also attended the conference to support Asri Saraswati, a lecturer at Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, who is currently a doctorate student from the State University of New York at Buffalo. One of the topics in Asri’s presentation was “How does Indonesia’s colonial and post-colonial politics of race coincide with the Asian American experience?” Unfortunately, there were only three Indonesians attending the conference. Yet, based on the questions and conversation at Asri’s presentation and the visitors to our booth, we feel that there’s a great interest in Indonesia.



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