Writer’s Guidelines

To be true to our mission we ask that:

  • Writer is of Indonesian heritage.
  • Material has relevance to Indonesia.

We do not accept:

  • Simultaneous submissions.
  • Unsolicited manuscripts.

To start, send us a query letter including:

  • A brief synopsis of the plot.
  • History of previous publications of the work.
  • A paragraph about you and your history as a writer.

The initial query letter should be no more than two pages. Please attach as a Word document, 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced with one-inch margin.

DO NOT send the full manuscript unless requested.

Writer’s Guidelines for manuscript submission:

Allow at least eight weeks for response time.

  1. Manuscript has to be written in proper Indonesian, and preferably already published by a reputable Indonesian publisher.
  2. Dalang Publishing must be given world rights for English translation. When requested, please attach manuscript as a Word document in the following format:
    12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced with one-inch margins. In header write title, author’s name, and original publisher’s name. Paginate in footer.
  3. Submissions not adhering to prescribed format will be deleted unread.
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