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The Red Bekisar

Book Description

In a village of coconut growers in Central Java during the 1960s, Lasi is a young half-Japanese, half-Javanese beauty among the rough tappers harvesting the sap for making brown sugar. Kanjat and Lasi are schoolmates but kept apart by different economic backgrounds, Kanjat being the son of the man who controls the village’s wealth.

Lasi marries Darsa, a tapper, and the couple is happy until he falls while climbing a tree.
A medicine woman cures him in exchange for impregnating her daughter. Devastated, Lasi flees to Jakarta and meets Ibu Lanting, the madam of an exclusive prostitution service. Being a much desired but disposable ornament motivates her to leave the city for home.

Lasi and Kanjat discover their affection for each other remains. Their bond is the village:
the ground it stands on, its people and their traditions. The introduction of electricity threatens the coconut trees, as Lasi and Kanjat struggle to free her from Ibu Lanting’s far-reaching web of corruption. Their triumph is a victory of honor over the unethical.


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