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Taking Indonesian Literature to America


Burlingame Public Library: May 21, 2019

Dalang Publishing was honored by an invitation from the Burlingame Main Public Library in Burlingame, California, to introduce our offerings and work to their readership. Thanks to Cynthia Rider, the Adult Services Librarian, the event was heavily promoted and well attended.

We are grateful to Ibu Riena Dwi Astuty, Consul of Cultural Affairs at the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco, for attending the event with her office staff, Cindy German and Andrian Mulia.


Cynthia Rider’s warm welcome was followed by publisher Lian Gouw’s introduction of Dalang Publishing and brief mention of Dalang’s ten titles. In addition, Bu Lian gave the audience a glimpse of her native Indonesia.

She then gave a presentation and reading of Dalang’s most recent publication, Blood Moon over Aceh, Maya Denisa Saputra’s English language translation of Lolong Anjing di Bulan by Arafat Nur. Bu Lian concluded the event with a Q&A.


After the event, the audience mingled and visited the book table while enjoying some refreshments, which included lapis Surabaya, an Indonesian cake served at special events, accompanied by a hot cup of Indonesian tea.

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