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Selamatan for Panji’s Quest


San Mateo, September 27, 2021.

True to Dalang’s custom, we celebrated the launch of Panji’s Quest, Oni Suryaman’s English language translation of Tembang dan Perang by award-winning author Junaedi Setiyono (PT Kanisius 2020), with a selamatan a traditional Indonesian celebratory meal used to welcome and ask blessings for anything new, as well as to give thanks.

The still-prevailing COVID situation forced us to trim our usual guestlist of thirty-six to four and hold the event on Lian’s front patio instead of in a rented meeting room.


We are grateful and honored by the presence of the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in San Francisco, Simon Soekarno and his wife, Evelyn Soekarno, as well as the Consul of Cultural Affairs, Riena Dwi Astuti, and her husband, Ishkak, at the traditional nasi tumpeng meal.


Because everyone spoke Indonesian, we conducted the entire event in that language. Pak (the Indonesian way of addressing men of stature) Simon delivered the opening remarks, and Ibu (the Indonesian way of addressing women of stature) Riena discussed Dalang’s role as cultural ambassador for Indonesia’s literature. Both Pak Simon and Ibu Riena were presented with a book set of Tembang dan Perang and Panji’s Quest. We all enjoyed the home-cooked traditional food and a pleasant afternoon in good company and invigorating conversation.




You can attend the event remotely by clicking on this link Selamatan Panji’s Quest.

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