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We introduce Indonesian novelists to American readers

After the acquisition of Only A Girl from PublishAmerica, we began promoting our titles as an ongoing activity, with author presentations at private book clubs, bookstores, and libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently we are seeking similar exposure for My Name is Mata Hari.

Dalang Publishing’s presentations are unique because we not only introduce the book, but also present a brief introduction to the country of Indonesia. The criteria for a Dalang publication is the story must be set in Indonesia and involve Indonesian characters. With each new book we bring another piece of Indonesian culture and history to the Western world.

Over time we have developed our presentations. The stage is set with batik cloths and the audience is welcomed with Indonesian keroncong music. If the venue offers food, we bring traditional Indonesian delicacies. The words “A Glimpse of Indonesia” on the lit screen spark immediate interest.

As the author of Only a Girl and the founder of Dalang Publishing, Lian Gouw starts with a short introduction to Dalang, followed by PowerPoint presentation on the country’s geographical, political and economical presence, as well as its culture, specifically its literary stature. The next set of slides show images pertaining to the featured book. For Only a Girl we show the Bandung area, and for My Name is Mata Hari, we show the places Mata Hari frequented, from the Borobudur temple in Central Java to a Paris theater. This helps potential readers “settle into the story.” Audience interest is evidenced by the many questions and comments during the Q&A session that follows a presentation and concludes the event.

Lian always ends the presentation by reading several passages from the featured book.
Please feel free to contact us at to make arrangements for an event at your book club, store or library.

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