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In Memoriam


With deep sadness, we join in mourning the passing of Budi Darma. A prolific award-winning writer and revered educator, Prof. Budi Darma was a cornerstone of Indonesia’s literary world. Dalang Publishing is honored to share two of his numerous short stories — Tukang Cukur (The Barber) and Mata Yang Indah (Beautiful Eyes) — on the Your Story page of our website.


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As a tribute to Pak Budi’s influential contributions to the enrichment of Indonesian literature, in addition to his decades-long teaching and mentoring accomplishments, we share a few of his popular, wise advice to young writers:

  • To write, you first need to read many books.
  • Without the written word, a civilization cannot progresstherefore, write!
  • Writing is not merely scribbling letters and words. Writing familiarizes the reader with literature.

Indonesia lost a literary icon and education master, but we gained so much from the life of Budi Darma. Above all of his accomplishments as a writer and educator, he was a kind and generous person whose writing was a pursuit of truth. The best way to honor him and show our gratitude is to nurture the seed his spirit left in everyone he touched.

Rest in peace, our friend.

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