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Love, Death and Revolution

Book Description

Early 1947: In a world still reeling from the aftermath of World War II, Indonesians revolt against Dutch attempts to recolonize their country. Major Sadeli of the Indonesian Army Intelligence travels to Singapore disguised as a sugar merchant. He is tasked with establishing naval and air routes to Sumatra and Java and securing weapons and radio equipment vital to the Indonesian revolution. Sadeli must also investigate fellow undercover agent Umar Yunus, suspected of embezzling revolution funds. In Singapore Sadeli joins forces with journalist-turned-patriot Ali Nurdin.

As the Dutch launch their two Politionele Acties, military aggressions to squash Indonesia’s independence, the three men are forced to choose between personal happiness and commitment to a higher cause. Driven by the desire for Indonesia to be prosperously independent, independently prosperous, and no longer dependent on larger nations’ pity, they bravely face death as they fight off Dutch attacks by air and sea.

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