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Erni Aladjai

Born in Lipulalongo, a small village of clove growers in Central Sulawesi, Erni Aladjai earned her degree in French literature from the Hasannudin University in Makassar, Sulawesi. She has worked as a journalist in Makassar, was also a news editor, and managed a learning institution. Erni is currently a full time writer and a freelance fiction editor. Local as well as national media have published several of her poems, essays, and short stories. Her novel, Kei, took first place in the 2011 Jakarta Arts Council novel competition. Other award-winning works include “Sampo Soie Soe, Si Juru Masak” at the 2012 Jakarta International Literary Festival. Her two novellas, Rumah Perahu and Sebelum Hujan di Seasea, took second and third place in the 2011 Sayembara Cerber Femina. Erni is also the author of the novels Pesan Cinta dari Hujan (Insist Press, 2010) and Ning di Bawah Gerhana (Bumen Pustaka Emas, 2013).


Nurhayat Indriyatno Mohamed

Hayat is the managing editor of the Jakarta Globe, an English-language newspaper in Jakarta. He was born and raised in Tanzania, and has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Natal, Durban, in South Africa. At age 24 Hayat decided to move to Indonesia, the land of his father’s birth, and was immediately smitten by the novelty of it all.
A chance encounter led to a newspaper job, and another presented him with the opportunity to translate into English a book by the award-winning author Okky Madasari. Hayat is the translator of Erni Aladjai’s award winning novel Kei.





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