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Dalang at the Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival


Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival – November 23, 2020

We are closing 2020 on a happy note with a virtual participation in the Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival. At the event we were able to introduce PT Kanisius as the publisher of Mengadang Pusaran (PT Kanisius 2020) a new Indonesian language translation of Only A Girl by Widjati Hartiningtyas of a novel by Lian Gouw and Tembang dan Perang (Kanisius 2020) Junaedi Setiyono’s new novel now in translation by Dalang Publishing and scheduled for publication at the end of next summer.

We were pleased to have Junaedi Setiyono, author of Tembang dan Perang, Flora Maharani, Kanisius’ editor for both books, Widjati Hartiningtyas translator of Only A Girl, Marius Santo, cover designer of both books, and Asri Sastrawati, one of the back cover reviewers for Mengadang Pusaran share the stage with us.

Please click here for a recording of the event.

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