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Blood Moon over Aceh by Arafat Nur Launch at the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco

On February 9, 2019, Dalang Publishing launched Blood Moon over Aceh, the English-language translation by Maya Denisa Saputra of Lolong Anjing di Bulan by Arafat Nur, at the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco. Nur used the Aceh Conflict as the backdrop of his novel, and he used Aceh, known as the gateway to Mekah, for the setting.

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Acting Consul General Hanggiro Setiabudi honored us with opening remarks, and Ibu Lian presented him a copy of Blood Moon over Aceh, as well as its original, Lolong Anjing di Bulan, for the Consulate’s library.

Hanggiro’s presentation, Aceh Today, showcased Aceh’s significant economic growth and infrastructure that has occurred subsequent to the novel’s time period, 1989–2002.


Blood Moon over Aceh is Dalang Publishing’s tenth publication. Ibu Lian expressed her gratitude to the Consulate for its support of each publication’s launch before presenting the work through slides of the story’s location and a short reading.


Refreshments included an array of authentic Indonesian sweet and savory snacks.


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